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In Tokyo?! Give blood!


O site TimeOut Tokyo listou neste link algumas coisas que as pessoas devem e não devem fazer para colaborar com a situação pós-terremoto/pós-tsunami. Vou reproduzir aqui os locais onde é possível doar sangue. Será necessária uma grande quantidade de sangue nas próximas semanas!

TimeOut Tokyo:

For those living in Tokyo and Japan at large

Giving blood

While some nationalities may be turned away (there are strict rules concerning European residents and the possible BSE infection, for example), and many rules that take into account your current physical condition, it is thought that the need for blood will increase in the coming weeks. Before giving blood, make sure you haven’t eaten fatty food, but make sure you have eaten something.

There are currently 11 places to do this in Tokyo (as of March 12), linked in Japanese on this map. The following ones are open:

(A) Shinjuku Station west entrance blood donation room (03 3348 1211); (C) Shinjuku east entrance blood donation room (03 5269 1431; near to Isetan); (D) blood donation room ‘Shibu 2’ (03 3770 0820); (E) Hachiko-Mae blood donation room (03 3476 2880); (F) Yurakucho blood donation room (03 3213 8666); (G) Akiba blood donation room (03 5298 2811); (H) Akiba-F blood donation room (03 3251 8201); (I) Ikebukuro East blood donation room (03 3988 9000); (J) Blood donation room Buratto (03 5950 3000); (K) Blood donation room Kichijoji Takion (04 2221 9000); (M) Machida blood donation room Comfy (04 2732 8494)

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